Claiming A Tax Rebate As A Student

The fact that you are a tax-paying working student does not mean that you are automatically entitled to a tax refund. However, the unique jobs and working patterns of students are what make the student a very likely candidate for tax-refunds. There are two main factors for this:

Low Income

Since fulltime students can hardly be fulltime workers, it is pretty obvious that they will not earn much. Sometimes, this income falls short of the annual tax-free allowance of £6,475 and hence the need to refund the student all the income taxes that he might have paid through the Pay As Your Earn system.

Intermittent Employment History

Since the student’s working schedule is highly dependant upon the academic calendar, it is expected that the student will look for a job or quit from one depending on how tight his schedule will be. This means that the student is therefore not likely to stay employed for the whole period within the tax-year. Since the tax-free allowance is distributed within the year with the assumption that the person will enjoy it throughout the year, the student is due a tax refund since he would still be having unutilized tax allowance.

To claim your tax-refund as a student, you still need the forms P45 to show when you left employment and the form P60, to show how much taxes you paid during the tax year.  If you happened to have lost these forms, then you can ask for statement of earnings from your employer. Once you have all these forms, you can send then to us to help you process your application or you can send them with a cover directly to the Inland Revenue.

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