Death, Taxes, and Chocolate

By Alexander Peter

This is the first film by  Dr. Andrea Levinson, a holistic practioner and former geologists turned screenwriter. The film received a number of major nominations including “best screenplay” and “best director” and has been well received by a number of film critics.

The film is an adaptation of Dr. Levinsons 2005 play and is based  on real people and true events making the story compelling for this reason alone. The film is a dark comedy with elements of a mockumentary, highlighting the US Health agencies favouritism of the drug companies.

The film is shot in New Bern North Carolina and has an original soundtrack by various local musicians including Andrea and Phil Owens, Margaret Rose, Chantal Hallatschek and Glen Kolleda.

The movie tells the story of a holistic healer (Peggy Droz) a teacher (Catherine Trail) a captain (Ken Beals) and an Ex CIA Agent , turned insurance salesman(Greg Frucci) who agree to find an alternative to growing old gracefully. This leads to ‘Operation Bon Voyage au Chocolate’ a plan to leave the world in the most decadent fashion possible: A trip on a yacht with enough chocolate to send your blood sugar level into overdrive.

The movie has a good mix of comedy, romance and drama and tackles a number of issues facing people in this modern world, similar in the way that Office Space does. However the film is just too unbelievable to be taken realistically and the corny clichés and copious amount of facts about chocolate makes the film feel like infomercial for a candy store.

There is an interesting twist at the end of the movie which may be the only thing keeping you watching. Unless you have are seriously obsessed with chocolate, you might want to give this movie a miss.