How Long Does A Tax Rebate Take?

This is one of those questions which people love to have specific answers for but which unfortunately, rarely have one. Although the taxman is very clear on by when you should have filed your returns and by when you should have claimed all your tax refunds, the issue of when they will pay you is pretty vague. However, claims are usually processed within 30 – 45 days. This is mainly true if you supply all the documentation that will be required.

In case you fail to provide all the proper documents within the stipulated time, you can be sure that your claim will be delayed. That is why it is always advisable that you provide all your required documents within the first claim. Such documents include the forms P45, P60, and forms P85 and P86 if applicable. The documents that you will be required to produce will depend on the reason for requesting a tax rebate.

However, sometimes you can submit all the required documents but still end up with a long duration of non-payment. If such a thing happens to you, it is advisable that you just call them to get to know what could be holding them back. The delay could probably be because a tired official at the Inland Revenue is simply dragging his feet and a call to the office may be all that is needed to get your application moving.

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