How To Apply For Tax Rebate

There are millions of pounds in form of tax rebates that remain unclaimed every year. Many people tend to think, that if they pay their taxes as they are required to, then the taxman will help them correct every overpayment that they may have made.
Well, they are definitely wrong. If the Internal Revenue owes you some money, it is your job to find out how much they owe you and then apply for refund.

Let’s assume that you have identified the amount of money owed to you. This could be due to the fact that you worked only part of the year, or you are leaving the UK for over the six months. The first thing would be to get the forms P45 and forms P60.

The form P45 is given to you by your employer when you leave employment while the form P60 is given to you at the end of the tax year and it indicates the amount of money that you have paid as income tax for that tax-year. In case you cannot find these forms, then you should ask your employer to give you a Statement of Earnings which will be able to serve a similar purpose. You may also need to submit the form P91 which will show your work history and the forms P85/P86 for those who entered or left the UK during the tax year.

Once you have all these documents with you, you can then send them to us or you can send them to the Inland Revenue with a cover letter. Generally, you will be able to receive the check within 30 – 45 days.

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